WHS Blue Seating has a Makeover!!!

On Tuesday the 10th of December we visited Pupil reception in the blue seating area and main reception in the main entrance.
We questioned Mrs Firth, Mrs Goble and Mrs Brookes on what they thought about the new blue seating and pupil reception. The first person to question was Mrs Firth – we asked her `what do you think to the new area?`, she replied “I think it lessens pupils using the medical room when not needed and a it is a good way of me getting to attendance a lot quicker for when the students sign out of school.” The next person we asked was Mrs Goble about what she thought of pupil and main reception, she said ” Well me and Mrs Brookes think it’s really good since we don’t have to deal with a pupil and delivery man at the same time (laughs).” Mrs Brookes added “I think it looks a lot better as well without lots of pupils inside for no particular reason.”
We think the new blue seating area and receptions are a lot better and we look forward to using them in the future!
Megan and Jessica – Year 7!