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Wales High- Go to Ghana

Alexa M – Y7

Sixth form students and a few lucky teachers are to venture to Ghana to help their society. This amazing trip will take place in July for 10 days. A lot of effort has gone into fundraising for this trip. We have interviewed some sixth form students and researched the trip; this is what we found out.

One of the people we interviewed was the head teacher: Mr Di’Iasio. The question, “How do you thing the trip will affect the students attending?” Mr Di’Iasio then told us “it would clearly change their lives”. He also expressed the fact that it would basically create a new personality for them. “A trip like this could open up new doors for the students as it’s an amazing opportunity.” He also told us what they would learn during the trip. “They would not only learn about the country its self and the people living there, but they will learn that it is just as important to give as to receive.” Mr Di’Iasio also said how he would support the fundraising. So far he has sponsored students to do a half marathon, had his car washed, supported battle of the bands, bought rubber wristbands and attended discos. He would like to support them with fundraising in other ways also. Mr Di’Iasio clearly showed his support towards the students’ trip to Ghana.

Two students, not attending the trip were also interviewed, about their knowledge of the trip. Ebony Leo and Ashley Evans, Y10, surprisingly, didn’t know much about Ghana or the visit there. We told them all about the trip and this is the response we got. “The trip to Ghana would be a really good experience and I would like to go there if I got the chance.” The two students both had never been to a place like Ghana, where poverty and money is a problem. We asked them ‘what would you do to make people aware of the issues in Ghana?’ “You could hang posters, hand out leaflets and put it in the bulletin to make more people aware.” We also asked ‘why would you like to help Ghanaians?’  “We would like to support a charity like this because some people are less fortunate than ourselves and we would like to make a difference.”

The next set of questions was for sixth form students. The students interviewed were all attending the trip. Joseph Woodward, Nicholas Sherwin and Harry Bell were the three chosen to be interviewed. About 30% of the school know about Ghana and the sixth formers would like to help increase that percentage. They quoted “dodge ball tournaments, car washing, bag packing and a half marathon are some of the ways that we have helped to advertise.” They would hopefully like to perhaps put something in the bulletin or have an assembly on Ghana and the issues that they are trying to solve. They would also have to take a tablet one week before they go, once they have been there for three weeks and again three weeks once they are back to prevent them from getting malaria from mosquitos, when they are there. So far, £2,500 has been raised and they have to raise £15,000. Fundraising would clearly help this.

Overall, going to Ghana could have a massive impact on the way people see things. A lot of effort will be needed however it will all be worth it in the end.  The teachers attending the trip are Mr Greene, Miss Underwood and Mrs Flintof-Howe. As well as the students, the teachers will also hopefully have an amazing time during this trip. Going to Ghana is definitely a great opportunity and experience. How can you help?


We have been interviewing some of the receptionists why they made a big change in the reception.  The first receptionist I talked to was Mrs Firth who said: ‘We wanted to split the children up from the visitors’ but some teachers disagree and they say there’s a lot more to be done, another teacher said ‘it is a little bit cold in the main reception’. 

I think it is better for the children because they can go to the pupil reception if they feel ill.  The other reception was made up of hard plastic chairs and other people were always walking past you, the new medical room is more private.  




Y7 Sporting Success

As year 7 get to grips with Wales High School sport, we interview the girls and boys footballers about how they are finding the PE department.

Recently the Y7 boys football team are playing like pro’s as they have won every game so far. This puts them to the top of the leader board. The girls are playing well too; they still have room for improvement, however, they have settled well in PE.

Mr Jones, Head of P.E. said, “Year 7s have made an excellent start and are taking part in many new sports. They are adapting to new and more challenging skills with new sports.”  

With four different houses: Warren, Busli, Rollo and Mortain, the year are settling into their houses and making many new friends . Speaking to Ethan, a member of the football team, he told us “ I love the team and everyone in it, we put 100% into training and this reflects on when we play.”

Also , we interviewed Lucy, the captain of the girls’ football team and she said “ We are putting so much effort into training at the minute, and it is starting to show in our matches.”

Overall , it is clear that y7 are continuing to settle in and are adapting to new routines. Well done Y7!

Written by Emma, Ethan and Lucy Y7

Wales High School Makeover!

Wales High School have recently had a make over – Jake and Liam checked it out!  First we spoke to Mrs Firth about the changes to reception.
Mrs Firth said that she thought that the Blue Seating area & Reception was better for the children, parents and visitors.
Mrs Firth
“Blue seating area has changed to look more modern, clean and nice looking also its easier for the pupils to move around and get to there classes a lot quicker.”
Mrs Goble
“Its a lot better since we don’t have to deal with children and visitors at the same time, because sometimes it can get quite difficult to talk to two people at the same time
Mrs Brookes adds…
“I think its much quitter and less hassle for the visitors to try and get through the students.”
We think its going to be a great opportunity for pupils to use it daily.

Brilliant Blue Seating comes to Wales!

Last week we visited the brand new blue seating and new bus shelter that is in Wales High School.

We started by going to ask some of the people who have to work in blue seating so we started off with a pupil receptionist. Our first question was “what do you think of blue seating?” she replied “I think it is a very good place for people to come as it is a good place for pupils to come and have their dinner and they can shelter from the rain.

Our next question asked  “how do you like your new position as a pupil receptionist?” and Mrs Fern said it was a good thing because pupils can have special attention and visitors  can go to a place where children won`t bother them while they are speaking’’. Also she said it wouldn’t cause as much congestion with pupils and people that want to see the school.

After that we went to see a person at the main reception and we asked “how do you like your new job without the people you used to work with” with a minute to think she eventually said that she thought it was a good idea as well because everyone could have their own special attention and do what they needed to do.


By Ben Reddish

WHS Blue Seating has a Makeover!!!

On Tuesday the 10th of December we visited Pupil reception in the blue seating area and main reception in the main entrance.
We questioned Mrs Firth, Mrs Goble and Mrs Brookes on what they thought about the new blue seating and pupil reception. The first person to question was Mrs Firth – we asked her `what do you think to the new area?`, she replied “I think it lessens pupils using the medical room when not needed and a it is a good way of me getting to attendance a lot quicker for when the students sign out of school.” The next person we asked was Mrs Goble about what she thought of pupil and main reception, she said ” Well me and Mrs Brookes think it’s really good since we don’t have to deal with a pupil and delivery man at the same time (laughs).” Mrs Brookes added “I think it looks a lot better as well without lots of pupils inside for no particular reason.”
We think the new blue seating area and receptions are a lot better and we look forward to using them in the future!
Megan and Jessica – Year 7!