Wales High – Go To Ghana

Rachel D – Y7

Sixth form students and a few lucky teachers are travelling to Ghana to help their society. This amazing trip will take place in July for 10 days. We have interviewed some Sixth formers and researched the trip and found out some interesting information:

We were questioning Mr Di’Iasio my first question was,

What effect do you think this trip will have on the Ghanaians?

His beliefs are that this will give the people of Ghana a second sight into what’s happening in our country and it will also let them know about our society and how we deal with things. However Ebony, a year ten who was oblivious to the trip, said that it might be disruptive to how they do things. Most feel that we will not be a difficulty to the Ghanaians.

Another area we were interested in leaned more toward the fundraising side of things. Our questions about how much money they needed to go to Ghana, how much they had ready, what they did to raise the money they’ve got and what they’re planning to do to make the trip more obvious to others.

“We need £15,000 to go to Ghana and so far we’ve raised £1,500. Our fundraising ideas we’ve had so far have been a dodge ball tournament, half marathon and we also set up a hand car wash station.”

Another fantastic quote about the statistics of the trip,

“Sadly only about… 30% of the school actually know about this trip. To make it more obvious, we are planning to have the six form students (who are going), go to each different tutor to talk about the trip and hopefully open the students eyes to what is happening there in Ghana”

That led us to the questions on disease. It’s not very nice to think about this subject but we have to cover all aspects of this trip. We are glad, however, to say that our pupils will be taking at least the Malaria tablets to minimise the chances of catching this. As you know, mosquitos are the pesky little delivery boys for this disease.

To conclude, we have the fantastic quote from Mr Di’Iasio “Make sure my quote’s a good one!” It certainly is sir! It certainly is.

Wales High School Go To Ghana – Alexia in Y7

6th form students and a few lucky teachers are to venture to Ghana to help the society there. This amazing trip will take place in July for 10 days. A lot of effort has gone into fundraising for this trip. We have interviewed lots of people and researched the trip and this is what we found out.

One of the people we interviewed was Mr Di’iasio. I asked the question: “What will the 6th formers learn?”.  He said, “ They will learn how to give and receive. They will also learn people skills and how to interact with people. Geography skills will also be improved. “ He also said it will be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Ghana is a country that is in West Africa and takes 6-7 hours by plane to get there. It is mainly a poor country and has malaria so the students will have to take malaria tablets.

2 students who are not attending the trip as they are in Y10 said the following:  “I did not know about the trip but I would like to go. I would like to go to help the people have a better life. Also I will meet new people.”

2 people who are going on the trip said.  “I can’t wait to go as it is a once in a lifetime chance and it is somewhere I have never been before. It is also good because we will be able to learn about a different culture.

Harry Bell a 6th former who is helping fundraising said “To fundraise it we have done: Dodge ball, Bag packing, Half marathons and there will be lots more!”

To go to Ghana people will have to raise £15,000 pounds and so far they have raised £2500.They are off to Ghana to help the society become more comfortable and help the less fortunate have a better time. They have plans to build buildings like schools and homes for people. They are doing this trip simply to help.

Could you be one of the next helpers?

Golden Hour News

Yesterday we went to the blue seating area to interview some people from reception.

I talked to the first receptionist and asked her what she thought. ‘It is better for the kids but for the teachers it is a bit cold and some of the teachers think there’s a lot more to be done’.

The next person I went to talk with was Mrs Goble who works on the real reception. I asked her what she thought of the new blue seating – ‘well I think it is better than the last one and it’s a place for the kids to go. Also, lots of kids are coming into the reception when they shouldn’t but the blue seating has helped us a lot’.

Matthew W

Wales High School Makeover!

Wales High School have recently had a make over – Jake and Liam checked it out!  First we spoke to Mrs Firth about the changes to reception.
Mrs Firth said that she thought that the Blue Seating area & Reception was better for the children, parents and visitors.
Mrs Firth
“Blue seating area has changed to look more modern, clean and nice looking also its easier for the pupils to move around and get to there classes a lot quicker.”
Mrs Goble
“Its a lot better since we don’t have to deal with children and visitors at the same time, because sometimes it can get quite difficult to talk to two people at the same time
Mrs Brookes adds…
“I think its much quitter and less hassle for the visitors to try and get through the students.”
We think its going to be a great opportunity for pupils to use it daily.

Brilliant Blue Seating comes to Wales!

Last week we visited the brand new blue seating and new bus shelter that is in Wales High School.

We started by going to ask some of the people who have to work in blue seating so we started off with a pupil receptionist. Our first question was “what do you think of blue seating?” she replied “I think it is a very good place for people to come as it is a good place for pupils to come and have their dinner and they can shelter from the rain.

Our next question asked  “how do you like your new position as a pupil receptionist?” and Mrs Fern said it was a good thing because pupils can have special attention and visitors  can go to a place where children won`t bother them while they are speaking’’. Also she said it wouldn’t cause as much congestion with pupils and people that want to see the school.

After that we went to see a person at the main reception and we asked “how do you like your new job without the people you used to work with” with a minute to think she eventually said that she thought it was a good idea as well because everyone could have their own special attention and do what they needed to do.


By Ben Reddish

WHS Blue Seating has a Makeover!!!

On Tuesday the 10th of December we visited Pupil reception in the blue seating area and main reception in the main entrance.
We questioned Mrs Firth, Mrs Goble and Mrs Brookes on what they thought about the new blue seating and pupil reception. The first person to question was Mrs Firth – we asked her `what do you think to the new area?`, she replied “I think it lessens pupils using the medical room when not needed and a it is a good way of me getting to attendance a lot quicker for when the students sign out of school.” The next person we asked was Mrs Goble about what she thought of pupil and main reception, she said ” Well me and Mrs Brookes think it’s really good since we don’t have to deal with a pupil and delivery man at the same time (laughs).” Mrs Brookes added “I think it looks a lot better as well without lots of pupils inside for no particular reason.”
We think the new blue seating area and receptions are a lot better and we look forward to using them in the future!
Megan and Jessica – Year 7!