Wales High – Go To Ghana

Rachel D – Y7

Sixth form students and a few lucky teachers are travelling to Ghana to help their society. This amazing trip will take place in July for 10 days. We have interviewed some Sixth formers and researched the trip and found out some interesting information:

We were questioning Mr Di’Iasio my first question was,

What effect do you think this trip will have on the Ghanaians?

His beliefs are that this will give the people of Ghana a second sight into what’s happening in our country and it will also let them know about our society and how we deal with things. However Ebony, a year ten who was oblivious to the trip, said that it might be disruptive to how they do things. Most feel that we will not be a difficulty to the Ghanaians.

Another area we were interested in leaned more toward the fundraising side of things. Our questions about how much money they needed to go to Ghana, how much they had ready, what they did to raise the money they’ve got and what they’re planning to do to make the trip more obvious to others.

“We need £15,000 to go to Ghana and so far we’ve raised £1,500. Our fundraising ideas we’ve had so far have been a dodge ball tournament, half marathon and we also set up a hand car wash station.”

Another fantastic quote about the statistics of the trip,

“Sadly only about… 30% of the school actually know about this trip. To make it more obvious, we are planning to have the six form students (who are going), go to each different tutor to talk about the trip and hopefully open the students eyes to what is happening there in Ghana”

That led us to the questions on disease. It’s not very nice to think about this subject but we have to cover all aspects of this trip. We are glad, however, to say that our pupils will be taking at least the Malaria tablets to minimise the chances of catching this. As you know, mosquitos are the pesky little delivery boys for this disease.

To conclude, we have the fantastic quote from Mr Di’Iasio “Make sure my quote’s a good one!” It certainly is sir! It certainly is.

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