Wales High School Go To Ghana – Alexia in Y7

6th form students and a few lucky teachers are to venture to Ghana to help the society there. This amazing trip will take place in July for 10 days. A lot of effort has gone into fundraising for this trip. We have interviewed lots of people and researched the trip and this is what we found out.

One of the people we interviewed was Mr Di’iasio. I asked the question: “What will the 6th formers learn?”.  He said, “ They will learn how to give and receive. They will also learn people skills and how to interact with people. Geography skills will also be improved. “ He also said it will be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Ghana is a country that is in West Africa and takes 6-7 hours by plane to get there. It is mainly a poor country and has malaria so the students will have to take malaria tablets.

2 students who are not attending the trip as they are in Y10 said the following:  “I did not know about the trip but I would like to go. I would like to go to help the people have a better life. Also I will meet new people.”

2 people who are going on the trip said.  “I can’t wait to go as it is a once in a lifetime chance and it is somewhere I have never been before. It is also good because we will be able to learn about a different culture.

Harry Bell a 6th former who is helping fundraising said “To fundraise it we have done: Dodge ball, Bag packing, Half marathons and there will be lots more!”

To go to Ghana people will have to raise £15,000 pounds and so far they have raised £2500.They are off to Ghana to help the society become more comfortable and help the less fortunate have a better time. They have plans to build buildings like schools and homes for people. They are doing this trip simply to help.

Could you be one of the next helpers?

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