Y7 Sporting Success

As year 7 get to grips with Wales High School sport, we interview the girls and boys footballers about how they are finding the PE department.

Recently the Y7 boys football team are playing like pro’s as they have won every game so far. This puts them to the top of the leader board. The girls are playing well too; they still have room for improvement, however, they have settled well in PE.

Mr Jones, Head of P.E. said, “Year 7s have made an excellent start and are taking part in many new sports. They are adapting to new and more challenging skills with new sports.”  

With four different houses: Warren, Busli, Rollo and Mortain, the year are settling into their houses and making many new friends . Speaking to Ethan, a member of the football team, he told us “ I love the team and everyone in it, we put 100% into training and this reflects on when we play.”

Also , we interviewed Lucy, the captain of the girls’ football team and she said “ We are putting so much effort into training at the minute, and it is starting to show in our matches.”

Overall , it is clear that y7 are continuing to settle in and are adapting to new routines. Well done Y7!

Written by Emma, Ethan and Lucy Y7

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