Brilliant Blue Seating comes to Wales!

Last week we visited the brand new blue seating and new bus shelter that is in Wales High School.

We started by going to ask some of the people who have to work in blue seating so we started off with a pupil receptionist. Our first question was “what do you think of blue seating?” she replied “I think it is a very good place for people to come as it is a good place for pupils to come and have their dinner and they can shelter from the rain.

Our next question asked  “how do you like your new position as a pupil receptionist?” and Mrs Fern said it was a good thing because pupils can have special attention and visitors  can go to a place where children won`t bother them while they are speaking’’. Also she said it wouldn’t cause as much congestion with pupils and people that want to see the school.

After that we went to see a person at the main reception and we asked “how do you like your new job without the people you used to work with” with a minute to think she eventually said that she thought it was a good idea as well because everyone could have their own special attention and do what they needed to do.


By Ben Reddish

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